Rohaizam Abu Bakar haizam at myjaring.net
Sat Jul 15 09:58:02 CEST 2006

Thanks Phil..  what a stupid move to paste all that passwd.. I've changed it 
as soon as i get ur mail... thanks again...

cannot find any article related to repeating LDAP query for EAP...  pls 

I think the problem coz by RADIUS cannot figure out to set Auth-Type and 
then it require plain passwd.. When I change password to plain. with the 
same setting.. it's working...


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> Rohaizam Abu Bakar wrote:
>> rlm_ldap: Added password {CRYPT}$1$ZRXMvi1s$zBQaHYkaxDjGi5zL2geNN0 in
> That's your problem.
> The CVS version of FreeRadius has auto_header which will detect the {type} 
> in the password, strip it and put the password in the right place. Try 
> that. Or, write an external script (run via exec) to manipulate the 
> request correctly.
> A couple more things:
>  1. You're doing the LDAP query on *every* radius request, which is 
> pointless for the EAP conversation. You can rework the config so that 
> doesn't happen - see the list archives for "eap AND"
>  2. You put your LDAP server admin name, password and IP into the debug 
> output. I'd change those ASAP...
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