Radius Authentication

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.LeMeur at supelec.fr
Wed Jul 19 09:27:50 CEST 2006

> i'm facing a little problem.
> in some times my mysql DB server is down & the radius can't insert 
> records into it of-course, so the users can't login as the radius 
> doesn't authenticate them unless he can record them.
> Is there any solution to make the radius authenticate the 
> users without 
> insert records in the DB.

I suppose your mysql DB server isn't used to authenticate your users,
otherwise having your radius server work even if your DB is down would make
no sense (unless you have another module able to authenticate users?).

If your DB server is used only for logging purpose (accounting,
post-authenticate, ...). You may find interresting information in the
doc/configurable_failover file in order to make the DB module failure be


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