Radius Authentication

amr el-saeed amr.elsaeed at tedata.net
Thu Jul 20 08:29:55 CEST 2006

Dear Thibault,

thanx for ur help
yes ,my DB server used for accounting only not authentication.
but i  tried what u said, as i understand it makes the RADIUS be down 
while the DB is down.
i don't want this.

i need the RADIUS to authenticate the users without inserting accounting 
info into the DB to minimize the outage,i need it to try  to insert 
accounting info &  if it fails  NO PROBLEM  authenticate the user & 
forget about the accounting.

that's it

thanx alot

Thibault Le Meur wrote:
>> i'm facing a little problem.
>> in some times my mysql DB server is down & the radius can't insert 
>> records into it of-course, so the users can't login as the radius 
>> doesn't authenticate them unless he can record them.
>> Is there any solution to make the radius authenticate the 
>> users without 
>> insert records in the DB.
> I suppose your mysql DB server isn't used to authenticate your users,
> otherwise having your radius server work even if your DB is down would make
> no sense (unless you have another module able to authenticate users?).
> If your DB server is used only for logging purpose (accounting,
> post-authenticate, ...). You may find interresting information in the
> doc/configurable_failover file in order to make the DB module failure be
> non-critial.
> Regards,
> Thibault
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