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Fri Jul 21 10:43:42 CEST 2006

Welli The problem is you still haven't exactly explained what you are trying 
to do with radius. Are you assigning the IP addresses from pools on radius or 
pools on the patton?

Assuming that radius is assigning the pools, you simply need to create 2 of 
them. (Read the radiusd.conf the comments explain it) Then configure radius 
to return an address from the first pool by default, and the second pool when 
the patton sends whatever information it sends to say that the user is authed 
or valid or whatever. You need to figure that out as I dont have any 
experience with patton.

RADIUS is not magic. It can only respond when asked a question, and it can 
only give an answer based on what it is asked. You therefore need to make 
sure that patton is asking 2 different questions, and configure your 2 
different replies based on what question it is asking... radiusd -X  (debug 
mode) is your friend in this instance..

Hope that Helps


On Fri 21 Jul 2006 10:16, Elie Hani wrote:
> Thanks Alan, but this was not my problem. My problem is in configuring the
> IP pools, I need a way to configure the 2 pools of IPs which are one Fake
> and the other Real. I don't have a problem in redirection, it's in how to
> configure the 2 pools of IPs.
> Thanks
> Elie
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> > I want to configure 2 pools, the first one is a fake IP pool,where the
> dial
> > up user on the patton gets an IP from this pool, and then he will enter
> the
> > necessary information, once all the informations entered are true, he
> > will reconnect with his new username, then he will get an IP from the
> > other
> pool
> > wich contains real IPs.
>   This is called a "captive portal".  Please use on of those, which
> solves most of these problems for you, including IP allocation.
>   Alan DeKok.
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