FreeRadius+mysql+crypted passwords

Marek Soha - soha at
Fri Jul 21 11:38:03 CEST 2006


Thanks for a reply.
Have you any idea to configure it with crypted passwords stored in the
database and with cisco accesspoint clients autentification?
Now im using EAP/PEAP in cisco ap to authorize windows xp client (PEAP

Thanks for any idea.

Alan, dňa 21. júla 2006 ste napísali:
> "Marek Soha -" <soha at> wrote:
>> I have configured FreeRadius+EAP/PEAP+mysql in working state...But now, i
>> want to have encrypted passwords stored in mysql database (in that
>> table where plaintext passwords are stored now).
>> Can you give me an advice how to do that?

>   If you store the passwords in encrypted form, then PEAP will stop
> working.

>   Alan DeKok.

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