Binding FreeRadius to the DHCP Server

Elie Hani ehani at
Tue Jul 25 11:51:45 CEST 2006

What I mean is the following:

I have a patton RAS, when a dial up user connects to this server, he should
get a faked IP and he will be redirected to a site where he should enter all
the necessary information. 
First of all, I have configured the FreeRadius and it's working great with
this RAS, but the pool of Ips that the dial up user is configured on the
Patton RAS, where only one pool can be configured, and this RAS doens not
support DHCP in it.
So I have to configure a DHCP server and bind it to the FreeRadius in a
manner that when the user dials in to the RAS for the first time, he will be
using a common username and password (user: guest pass: guest for example),
he will get a fake IP from a pool configured on the DHCP server.

Once he enteres all the necessary informations, he will reconnect using the
desired authentication entered previousely, and he will get a real IP from
another pool also configured on the DHCP.

What I want to do is to bind the freeradius and the DHCP server so this
process takes place. 

Thanks in advance

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Elie Hani wrote:
> Hi;
> I want to bind the FreeRadius to the DHCP, is there a way to do that?

What do you mean?

Do you mean - I want FreeRadius to assign IPs, and DHCP to hand them out? In
which case, no there is no way to do that. You could *make* something that
did it, e.g. using ISC DHCPd and their omapi, but you would have to make it.
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