Binding FreeRadius to the DHCP Server

Elie Hani ehani at
Tue Jul 25 13:46:14 CEST 2006

As a matter of fact, for the first login, the users will have an IP from a
certain pool X, once the informations are entered, and after redialing, the
users will get the new IP from the second pool Y.

All I want to know is if it's possible to bind the radius to a DHCP server,
if yes how it can be done? Otherwise, is there any other pssible method to
configure 2 pools of Ips X and Y and relay it to the DHCP?


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"Elie Hani" <ehani at> wrote:
> I have a patton RAS, when a dial up user connects to this server, he 
> should get a faked IP and he will be redirected to a site where he 
> should enter all the necessary information.

  Sounds like a captive portal to me.

> So I have to configure a DHCP server and bind it to the FreeRadius in 
> a manner that when the user dials in to the RAS for the first time, he 
> will be using a common username and password (user: guest pass: guest 
> for example), he will get a fake IP from a pool configured on the DHCP

  Write a script.  The server doesn't normally interact with DHCP.

> Once he enteres all the necessary informations, he will reconnect 
> using the desired authentication entered previousely, and he will get 
> a real IP from another pool also configured on the DHCP.

  What you're saying is a very convoluted way of:

  a) some users get IP's from pool X
  b) other users get IP's from pool Y

  Alan DeKOk.
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