How to reply Session-Timeout without password

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Tue Jul 25 17:05:15 CEST 2006

Dear all,


does anyone here use *bubua with Freeradius?


I notice that when *bubua want to get the Session-Timeout values, *bubua
will send the following message to radius servers(Here I use Freeradius):


rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=57,

        Cisco-Call-Type = "VoIP"

        Calling-Station-Id = "005001"

        Called-Station-Id = "005000"

        Cisco-NAS-Port = "SIP/"

        Cisco-AVPair = "call-codec=ulaw;useragent=X-Lite release 1105x;"

        h323-call-origin = "originate"

        User-Name = "005001"

        NAS-Identifier = "Asterisk"

        Framed-IP-Address =

        NAS-IP-Address =

        NAS-Port = 5060

        h323-conf-id = 4C6B297B-8DC5-41A5-A6B8-C285B04BEF00 at


Here is the problem: the message didn't contain any password information (in
fact *bubua won't send the password), and then Freeradius will reject the
request because of lack of password. The Freeradius debug information is:


auth: No User-Password or CHAP-Password attribute in the request

auth: Failed to validate the user.


My question is how to make the radius server accept the request which do not
contain the password and reply the Session-Timeout to the *b2bua?




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