How to execute TWO OR MORE Sql statement?

王世彦 wsycqyz at
Wed Jul 26 05:16:13 CEST 2006

Oh, my have another question about Freeradius.

I see when the Freeradius receives whatever a request, Freeradius will
execute ONE SQL statement which is defined in the sql.conf.

My question is how to make Freeradius to execute TOW OR MORE SQL statement
when Freeradius receives a request.

I am new to Freeradius and apologize for asking simple question.

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> My question is how to make the radius server accept the request which do
> not contain the password and reply the Session-Timeout to the *b2bua?

I have not the faintest idea about *b2bua (WTF?) but if you just want to 
accept everyone without any checks for your *b2bua NASes, you can achieve it

in the "users" file with

NAS-IP-Address == your-b2bua-ns, Auth-Type := Accept
	Session-Timeout := whatever

Do keep in mind that everyone who is authenticating via this IP address is 
*always* *accepted*


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