authenticating based on Nas-Port-Id

Colm Ennis cennis at
Wed Jul 26 16:00:02 CEST 2006


i been using freeradius fastuser based authentication for several 
thousand adsl customers for the last year or so now and it has 
proved extremely reliable.

in order to simplify customer setup and minimise lost password 
support etc id like to start authenticating users based on 
NAS-Port-Id rather than User-Name. (the dslams/basen we use 
support populating NAS-Port-Id with the dslam/frame/slot/port).

i am also working on migrating to a mysql authentication backend.

so, does anyone have any tips on setting up NAS-Port-Id based
authentication with users/fastusers/sql? i hope to permit the 
user to use any username/password combination.

thanks for your help and an excellent radius server,


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