How to handle non digest messeg if Auth-Type is set to Digest?

GlobeInPhotos biuro at
Fri Jul 28 01:16:05 CEST 2006

> Go back and read the debug log.  Check your configuration.  YOU set
>Auth-Type in YOUR configuration.

Are you talking about radius config?
In my config I have something like this.
authorize {

I can send 

>  Stop arguing, and go check it.

For sure I'm not arguing but I'm trying to find solution to my problem :)

>> I do not need authorize message but only I have to send some values to
>> OpenSer - this non-digest (which seems to be a digest) message is our
>> internal message. Or maybe it is a possibilities to accept this special
>> message which is digest but has no digest attributes?

> That makes no sense to me.

Well, it makes sense :) After real digest message (INVITE request from
OpenSer), our script in OpenSer sends special request for extra processing.
This extra request is sent only in special situation. OpenSer can decide is
this special situation happen when it receives data after INVITE request. We
can sent all necessary data in reply for INVITE message but retrieving extra
data is processor expensive and that is why we retrieve data only when it is
really needed - using next nondigest request. I hope it is clear now.
What we implement it is not typical Voip solution that is why we need
special handling.

Michal Szymanski

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