authorize with files + ldap problem

Wipat Srutiprom wipat.s at
Sat Jul 29 07:32:24 CEST 2006

On freeradius-1.0.4-1.FC4.1  come with fedora core 4.
I want to authorize either UNIX user (/etc/passwd/) or LDAP user.

/etc/raddb/users file is:
DEFAULT Auth-Type = System
        Fall-Through = 1

I success with both LDAP user and UNIX user with /etc/raddb/radiusd.conf
is: authorize {

Then I change the order in /etc/raddb/radiusd.conf to:
authorize {

only UNIX user is be accept, but LDAP user is be reject.

My sample  radtest:
radtest myuser mypassword localhost 0 testing123

My sample radius-x output:
rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=165, length=56
        User-Name = "myuser"
        User-Password = "mypassword"
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Port = 0
rlm_ldap: - authorize
rlm_ldap: performing user authorization for demo
rlm_ldap: ldap_get_conn: Checking Id: 0
rlm_ldap: ldap_get_conn: Got Id: 0
rlm_ldap: looking for check items in directory...
rlm_ldap: looking for reply items in directory...
rlm_ldap: user demo authorized to use remote access
rlm_ldap: ldap_release_conn: Release Id: 0
rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=165,
length=56 Sending Access-Reject of id 165 to

I wondor that after files modules failed, why not try LDAP modules? Do I
need more config?

Thanks for all help.


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