Auth-Type = System not working

Shane maillists at
Fri Jun 2 23:45:27 CEST 2006

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Shane <maillists at> wrote:
>>>   Read radiusd.conf, and look for "/etc/passwd".  Odds are that you
>>> enabled caching of /etc/passw.  There's a reason it's not enabled by
>>> default, it doesn't work on FreeBSD.  Which is explicitly documented.
>> No, that isn't the cause as I have the following in radiusd.conf:
> ...
>>          unix {
>>                  # allowed values: {no, yes}
>>                  cache = no
>   OK...
>>                  #  This is required for some systems, like FreeBSD,
>>                  #  and Mac OSX.
>>                  passwd = /etc/passwd
>   Those should be commented out.
>   Maybe radiusd doesn't have permission to call getpwent()?  See the
> comments around the "unix" module in radiusd.conf.
>   Alan DeKok.
Thanks Alan.  The lines:
passwd = /etc/passwd
shadow = /etc/shadow
group = /etc/group
should be commented out for FreeBSD even though in radiusd.conf the 
comment directly above states "This is required for some systems, like 
FreeBSD, and Mac OS"
I missed the comment previous to this one which totally changes the 
meaning of the quoted comment above.  Maybe that blank line should be 
removed between such comments to help some other newbie avoid similar 

Thanks again,

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