Problem building the rlm_mysql module

Alan abaker at
Tue Jun 6 19:40:45 CEST 2006

I am having a problem building the rlm_mysql module. Can someone tell me
what im doing wrong here? Please help. 

RedHat Enterprise 3 WS - Clean install

Sunfire 20z AMD-64bit

Mysql Package:


I tried to build the module just for debugging my problem directly in the
module sources directory.

[abaker at sip rlm_sql_mysql]$ make all
/home/abaker/src/freeradius-1.1.2/libtool --mode=compile gcc  -g -O2
-I../.. -I/home/abaker/src/freeradius-1.1.2/src/include -I/usr/include/mysql
-g -pipe  -c sql_mysql.c
mkdir .libs
gcc -g -O2 -I../.. -I/home/abaker/src/freeradius-1.1.2/src/include
-I/usr/include/mysql -g -pipe -c sql_mysql.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o
sql_mysql.c: In function `sql_error':
sql_mysql.c:333: warning: return discards qualifiers from pointer target
gcc -g -O2 -I../.. -I/home/abaker/src/freeradius-1.1.2/src/include
-I/usr/include/mysql -g -pipe -c sql_mysql.c -o sql_mysql.o >/dev/null 2>&1
mv -f .libs/sql_mysql.lo sql_mysql.lo
/home/abaker/src/freeradius-1.1.2/libtool --mode=link gcc -release 1.1.2 \
-module -export-dynamic   -o \
-rpath /clique/freeradius-1.1.2/lib sql_mysql.lo -L/usr/lib64/mysql
-lmysqlclient_r -lz -lpthread -lcrypt -lnsl -lm -lpthread 
*** Warning: This library needs some functionality provided by
*** I have the capability to make that library automatically link in when
*** you link to this library.  But I can only do this if you have a
*** shared version of the library, which you do not appear to have.
*** Therefore, libtool will create a static module, that should work 
*** as long as the dlopening application is linked with the -dlopen flag.
rm -fr .libs/ .libs/rlm_sql_mysql.*
ar cru .libs/rlm_sql_mysql.a  sql_mysql.o 
ranlib .libs/rlm_sql_mysql.a
(cd .libs && rm -f && ln -s ../

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