Storing in SQL, Procedure call

Troy Settle troy at
Wed Jun 7 15:02:46 CEST 2006

Jackie Lau wrote:
> I tried both suggestions and still no luck.  Any other suggestion on how
> to get a Stored Procedure to work with FreeRadius, unixODBC/FreeTDS and
> Microsoft SQL Server 2000?  For some reason when trying to call a Stored
> Procedure rlm_sql module is trying to perform a query rather then the
> procedure call.  Thanks! 

What are you needing to do with the stored procedure that you can't do 
with an insert or update?  If you need to perform tasks on the data, 
look at putting a trigger on the table.  You can also work with the raw 
data by creating views that would allow you to bring in other information.

FWIW, I'm just doing straight inserts/updates keyed on Acct-Unique-Id, 
which is used as a unique index on the radacct table.  I then have 
several views that use radacct, including radwho (list of active logins) 
and radiusdat (which transforms the data for use by my billing system).

   Troy Settle
   Pulaski Networks

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