Authentification link with PEAP + PAM + LDAP

Josh Howlett josh.howlett at
Wed Jun 7 15:18:20 CEST 2006

On 7 Jun 2006, at 13:07, thomas hahusseau wrote:

> Hello,
> Finally my boss is not interested in an PEAP authentication due to
> password and login stocked in clear in the OpenLDAP database, and he
> doesn't want to use the ntlm_auth to ask a Active Directory Server.
> So I wonder if that kind of authentication is possible.

> PEAP(MsCHAP) request --> Freeradius server (extract the hashed
> password ) --> Authentication request sent to PAM (login + Hashed
> password ) via rlm_auth ---> OpenLDAP Server ( compare hashed password
> received with the one stocked in database )

You don't need to use PAM - in fact, I don't think its possible.  
Store your users' passwords in the NTLM hash, and authenticate  
directly from FreeRADIUS to LDAP.


> PAM is used as mediator to permit comparason with hashed stocked in  
> OpenLDAP.
> My boss only wants cipher/hashed password and login.
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