peap authentication with active directory

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Wed Jun 7 15:42:57 CEST 2006


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> A supplicant ie. win XP machine validates the identity and 
> logon credentials against active directory using 
> peap-mschapv2 randomly ie. every 30 mins or 60 mins. This 
> disturbs the wireless connectivity often and am unable to 
> complete this project due to this situation. In krb5.conf and 
> smb.conf i have left with default settings. here is my 
> radiusd.conf file, let me know someone faced this issue. is 
> there something am missing in my configuration.

It's not a FreeRADIUS problem.  It's your access point.  The access
point determines when you should reauthenticated. (At least mine do)  

Also, my AP's allow me to stay connected while they are renegotioning.
(My AP's have 4 states, Blocked, Connecting (Access is blocked),
Connected, ReAuthenticated (Access is allowed))

I would consult your AP docs to figure out how to increase the
Reauthetication time, but that is more a hack, they shouldn't be
dropping your access while they reauthenticate.  (Unless this is a
change in behavior that everyone thinks is a good idea, my AP's are over
6 Years old, so it may not be standard practice now)

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