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All of those 3 options you mentioned were already set.  What else could be


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Cliff Hayes wrote:
> Hello all,
> Making good progress learning Freeradius.  With your help, my new server
> running and authenticating now.  However, we are used to being able to see
> logs of all activity (tail -f logfile).  With Freeradius, nothing is being
> written to the logs unless there is a problem.
This is the normal behavior.  You can add additional auth-related
logging using these variables in radiusd.conf:

log_auth = yes
log_auth_badpass = yes
log_auth_goodpass = yes

> How can I get the logs to
> show the same stuff that scrolls when Freeradius is in debug mode?  That's
> the level of detail we're used to seeing in the logs.
I'm really not sure if this is possible because when you using the
debugging command line options it tells the server to print them to
stderr.  I'm not aware of any command line options that can change
this.  You could always redirect the output.

radiusd -xxx &> radius.log &

Chris Carver
Network Engineer

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