FreeRadius, three NAS types and users privileges

Robert Hass robhass at
Sun Jun 18 23:47:07 CEST 2006

>   Duplicate names make it more complicated.  If the names were
> unique. you'd just put the users into different groups.

Can you give me some example ? Becouse different groups gives me
only ability to set uniq parameters (like static IP address, QoS). In this
case user 'ppp' doesn't have any special abilities. It's just Framed-User
which can logon to Dial-Up and also DSL (PPPoE)...

> > using different MySQL databases, and different TCP/UDP ports ?
>   Configure 3 Autz-Type's.  (see doc/Autz-Type).  Put 3 SQL databases
> in there, one for each cass of users.  In the "users" file, key off of
> the Client-IP-Address, and set Autz-Type.

Thanks, I will check this out.


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