error: Installed (but unpackaged) files(s) found: on REDHAT Enterprise 4.0 (RHEL4) and FreeRadius 1.1.2

Alberto Cruz acruz at
Thu Jun 29 08:08:15 CEST 2006

Hi Tadej sorry to answer you until now. This is what you have to do to 
include the docs:

1. Edit the freeradius.spec file

2. Include the sed command as follow:
sed -i "s at doc/freeradius at doc/freeradius-%{version}@" doc/Makefile 
doc/examples/Makefile doc/rfc/Makefile

3. Include the doc files as follow:
%doc doc/ChangeLog doc/README* todo/ COPYRIGHT INSTALL
%doc doc/Acct-Type doc/Autz-Type doc/CYGWIN doc/DIFFS
%doc doc/MACOSX doc/OS2 doc/Post-Auth-Type doc/RADIUS-LDAP-eDirectory
%doc doc/RADIUS-SQL.schema doc/Session-Type doc/Simultaneous-Use doc/aaa.txt
%doc doc/ascend doc/bay doc/bugs doc/cisco doc/coding-methods.txt 
%doc doc/duplicate-users doc/examples/* doc/ldap_howto.txt 
doc/load-balance.txt doc/misc-nas
%doc doc/module_interface doc/mssql doc/performance-testing
%doc doc/processing_users_file doc/proxy doc/radrelay doc/release-method.txt
%doc doc/rfc/* doc/rlm* doc/supervise-radiusd.txt doc/tuning_guide 

I hope this help you to build the packet.

The only problema that I have at this time is that the RPM isn't 
including all the libs that it needs to install it.


Alberto Cruz
Tadej Bregar wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm struggling to build a RPM package on RHEL 4 also (based on 
> freeradius.spec file), I have tried adding sed line as suggested in on 
> of the previous posts and also suggested %doc lines, but with no success.
> How do i have to modify freeradius.spec file to build it successfully?
> Has anyone (besides Alberto Cruz) also managed to build RPM on RHEL 4?
> Thanky for any info,
> Tadej Bregar
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