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sumi thra sumi.techno at gmail.com
Mon May 8 11:05:18 CEST 2006

On 4/28/06, Alan DeKok <aland at nitros9.org> wrote:
> "sumi thra" <sumi.techno at gmail.com> wrote:
>   It works in 1.1.1, so my conclusion is that you're running an older
> version, or that there's something broken in your local system.

Yes. it works fine when the configuration is like this..

DEFAULT Group-Name == "Group1", Symbol-Wlan-Index == ssid1

But, when i use ~ symbol( to allow more that one wlan access/reject ), The
above default policy will not work for more than one wlan's.

DEFAULT Group-Name == "Group1", Symbol-Wlan-Index =~ ssid1|ssid2|ssid3|ssid4

Now im seeing the error.

Please correct me if the above configuration is wrong.

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