win2003 Active Directory authentication

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Yes you can do use the ldap module of freeradius to hit your AD, I am doing this now.
Yes you can do ssl/tls for encryption between the radius server and AD.
Windows server 2000 does not support tls, only ssl.
It is similar to setting up mm_mod_auth_ldap for apache.
You will need an ldap browser to browse your domain to find out the correct search filters for everything.
The only thing I can't figure out is how to check for group membership.
I posted to the mailing list, but no one has responded yet :-(
There is good documentation on the wiki.
Look for my previous post about not getting groups working to see my config files.
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I am running AD in native mode.  By my ancient understanding of samba, I cannot join this domain.  I can authenticate using ldap, no?  Also, is this insecure due to clear text?   Any other ideas for what I want here?

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