Solaris 8/SPARC - MySQL 5.0 NDB Cluster - Freeradius 1.1.1 with rlm_sqlippool module: 'radiusd' segmentation fault

Robles Rodriguez,Alejandro Alejandro.RoblesRodriguez at
Wed May 10 22:12:48 CEST 2006

"Alan DeKok" <aland at> wrote:
>> I have for the past 4 weeks been trying to evaluate if FreeRadius
>> can be used as a AAA in an UMTS network with a large amount of
>> subscribers for the GPRS Data services.

>  I believe others are doing this today.

> FreeRADIUS scales very well.  10 million subscribers shouldn't be a
>problem in a carefully designed system.

  Well, I'm wondering if this is in a clustered configuration i.e. multiple
nodes handling the load and cooperating (sharing data such as IP pools). If this
is the case I'd be interested to know a few accounts to find out more about
their architecture (behind freeradius such as database servers, etc). Any clues? I'd
really like o create some sort of standard architecture for freeradius that can scale
and is reliable and have it in a "real" environment for a while for others to have
confidence when making this same decision that I'm about to make.

>> I'm done for now more details will come later meanwhile I have a
>> question: is the rlm_sqlippool module going to be part of a
>> freeradius release in the near future and if not, what would it be
>> the procedure to follow for it to happen?

>  An uopdated version of the module is in CVS head.  If there's
>interest, it could be back-ported to 1.1.x.

  I have compared my version with that of the CVS root and apart form some small
differences that I'll investigate further I noticed that it has the same bug that
I found. The problem is that I don't know how to report it. Can you help? Also I
think it'd be a good idea to back-port it to 1.1.x. Who decides this and how do I
express my interest?

  Thank you!

  Alejandro Robles.
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