Discarding new request - Due to live requests

Andrew Grimmett agrimmett at lssi.net
Sat May 13 14:40:37 CEST 2006

Sat May 13 07:14:53 2006 : Error: Discarding new request from client 
027 - ID: 17 due to live request 112
I received the above error this  morning, after the event no additional 
requests were processed or events logged through radius. I stop and 
started the  radius server and requests started working again. I checked 
the mail-archive and found a couple of references to this, backend not 
responding and cpu load. I checked the backend (ldap) and seen that it 
was processing requests ok from other devices.  Any ideas of were the 
problem occurred or where I can find more info on this error?

Thanks for your help,

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