accessing diferent devices

Carlos Mauricio Reyes Sanmiguel creyes at
Mon May 15 16:28:12 CEST 2006

Hi,  I just installed the fre radius in a linux box. I got it working ok, 
but there is a couple of thig that i don´t know how to do or if they can 
be done. The first one is i need to create special kind of groups of 
people that can access some devices but no others, like i have the admin 
group that has to access all of the 20 devices (switches, routers..) but i 
also have the operator group that only has to access 2 of them, and on the 
same radius i need to enable some VPN users that only need to registrate 
to the radius for the VPN account that connects to the PX firewall and not 
to any of the devices...

Can that be done?, how can i specify witch equipments the users have 
access to?


Carlos Reyes
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