rlm_sqlippool and a few issues

RobertB robert at timaru.com
Tue May 16 01:01:57 CEST 2006

I guess I sent my post a bit too early. I have spent some more time with the 
module and it seems
like most of my concerns can be accomplished by playing with sql statements.

>>2. # lease_duration. fix for lost acc-stop packets -
>>lease-duration = 3600 Seems like rlm_ippool handles this much
>>better. rlm_ippool will free an ip address either on an
>>accounting-stop or if a new authentication request comes on
>>an allocated nas-ip/port.
>>Can this be done in rlm_sqlippool?

Actually when a new auth request arrives sqlippool frees
the ip(which was assigned on the same nas/port) first and then
tries to assigne it if  it's still available..

>>3. DEFAULT as an pool name.
>>Is there any way to tell rlm_sqlippool to pick up an ip from any pool
>>Something like rlm_ipppool's DEFAULT for the pool name?

by naming ip pools like sqlippool1, sqlippool2, etc. we can do

SELECT ip_address FROM radippool WHERE pool_name LIKE 'sqlippool%'
instead of
SELECT ip_address FROM radippool WHERE pool_name = 'sqlippool1'.

Seems like it works just fine.


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