rlm_sqlcounter developer required

Mark Lovatt mlovatt at catalystmanagement.co.uk
Tue May 16 12:50:48 CEST 2006



I'm using rlm_sqlcounter to limit the amount of time my users can stay
connected to a NAS, which works very well, as you know, it SUMS the amount
of time a users has been online by querying the radacct table then returns a
Session-Timeout attribute.


My NAS supports Max-Input_octets and Max-Output-Octets attributes, I'd like
to perform an SQL SUM on AccInputOctets and AccOutputOctets during the
authorize phase then return these two attributes to set the max amount of
bandwidth a user can use.


I've spent all day reading about rlm_sqlcounter, this functionality isn't
available but has been talked about previously, what I'm really asking for,
since my C knowledge is a little rusty and I'm a bit pressed for time is for
one of you guys to patch this module for me, for a price of course.





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