AW: XP drops first EAP Request !!Verry important for my exam!!!

Krämer Armin Kraemer.Armin at
Wed May 17 15:16:08 CEST 2006

Has noone any idea about what causes that problem???

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Betreff: XP drops first EAP Request !!Verry important for my exam!!!

Hi, i have here an working environment with freeradius 1.1.1 at debian stable
with eap/tls an clinet certifikates and ldap backend.

After an long time of experimenting i got MachineCertifikates working

My problem now ist that when my testing system boots up and halts at the
login prompt the machine trys to authenticate a first time with the machine
certifikate. This first move end up with "handled" . When i leave the
machine at the login prompt, after 3ß seconds the second authentication
request is invoked by XP and this time it is successfull. Verrry strange...
I tryed lots of settings at the XP Machine (AuthMode,SupplicantMode) but
cant find the mistake. 

Can someone help me please with this problem? Is there an possiblility if
tjhis phenomen is normal to reduce the time of this 30 Seconds
(reauthentication period at the xp machine)??

I will append the logs of freeradius of an complete authentication process
and a secon log from the xp machine with turned on eapol tracing. Maybe this
is helpful.Sorry For that zip File but otherwise the message would be to
obig für that mailing list...

Greetings Armin

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