Unstable FreeRadius

Alan DeKok aland at nitros9.org
Wed May 17 17:33:49 CEST 2006

"George C. Kaplan" <gckaplan at ack.berkeley.edu> wrote:
>    freeradius 1.1.1, compiled from ports with MIT kerberos support
> I'll file a bug report once my bugzilla password comes through.  In the
> meantime, suggestions for more detailed troubleshooting here are welcome.

  I don't run kerberos myself, so I'm unsure as to how to reproduce
it.  Could you attach example krb.conf files, and the "krb5{}" section
from radiusd.conf?

  Or, you could use gdb to attach to the running process.  e.g.

$ radiusd ...
$ ps -ef | grep radiusd
$ nice +15 <radiusd-pid>
<reproduce the problem>
$ gdb `which radiusd` <radiusd-pid>

$ thread apply all bt full
$ cont

  You may have to do the last two steps a few times to see where the
server is locked.

  Alan DeKok.

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