getting Freeradius to recorde login failure, etc

Christopher Carver ccarver at
Wed May 17 18:51:36 CEST 2006

I appreciate the dialogue we have here.  I have been interested in doing 
this as well, and have been tinkering with some code outside of 
Freeradius to insert logins into a seperate table by reading the 
radius.log file.  I've been doing it this way because I didn't know it 
was within Freeradius's capabilities.  So, I too am interested in 
hearing the specifics on how this can be done.  If someone can point me 
to the right direction, I would be very appreciative.  Perhaps I could 
even explore it to its fullest and submit some documentation to the 
developers to include with the software to make things a bit more clear.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Carver
Network Engineer

Jeremy ohara wrote:
> there is no sign of any of this in the documentation if you can show 
> me where it "shows" what and how to do it and code, by all means show me!
> Jeremy
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>     > i dont want to sound rude, etc but your not really answering my
>     question.
>     > you only  answered half of it
>       At some point you *do* have to read the documentation.  While people
>     may be kind enough to answer your questions on the list, most of those
>     answers are cut & pasted from the existing documentation.
>       Alan DeKok.
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