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Dennis Skinner dskinner at
Fri May 19 23:57:34 CEST 2006

Christopher Carver wrote:
> Correct, but you don't want to run it in a heavy production environment
> for very long.  While I don't have proof, it would HAVE to be less
> efficient because it isn't using threads and its taking the time to
> print everything.  

True, but given that FreeRADIUS running on a 486 can handle a lot of
requests, you probably wouldn't notice it unless you are processing a
LOT of requests.  Of course, it depends on where you store your
accounting and user info.  Most of my slowdowns are mysql related.

I have run one of our production servers in -X mode for several hours (I
found that my system would not actually dump a core unless running in
-X).  The load difference was negligible with a couple hundred requests
per minute.

> Its necessary for me to
> redirect the output because our radius server can get up to 10 requests
> per second, far too much to simply look at as it comes in.

Yep, hence:

>> You should be doing this on a test machine anyway.  Debugging on a
>> production system is tough.


Dennis Skinner
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