Getting the signaling IP address

vignesh vignesh at
Wed May 24 10:59:38 CEST 2006

Hello all
I am using cisco TCL IVR 2.0 and Free Radius 1.1. I am trying to send
signalling ip as an extra attribute to radius from the NAS in the
accounting request packet using h323-ivr-out. The problem is I am not
able to retrive the signaling ip of the out bound leg( I even tried the
same for the inbound leg but still no luck). I am retriving the
signaling ip using the info tag infotag get
leg_remote_signaling_ip_address leg_outgoing. But I am getting a empty

This is my code where I retrive the signaling ip
proc act_Cleanup { } {	
    set signalip [infotag get leg_remote_signaling_ip_address
    set avsend(h323-ivr-out,0) "billingid:$signalip"
    aaa accounting update leg_outgoing -a avsend		
    call close

This is the procedure that's get called when the call ends. I even tried
using this code snippet when the call is established but I am still
unable to read the signaling ip. I am accounting at stop only.

In the accounting request there is one attribute h323-remote-address
which gives me the signaling ip but how do I retrive it in my tcl ivr
Please guys help me out


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