Freeradius + GoRemote Authentication

Chris Armstrong chris.armstrong at
Wed May 24 15:48:43 CEST 2006


I want to change from Radiator/LDAP to Freeradius/MySQL. My problem is that
i don't know how to configure GoRemote in Freeradius.

On Google i don't seem to find an example how this has to be setup. Can
somebody tell me how i do this in Freeradius?

In clients.conf i have added following:

client {
        secret      = mysecret
        shortname   = GoRemote

Where do i have to put the realm part and how should it look? Below you see
my configuration in radiator.

Thanks for you help.

The configuration in radiator looks like this:

# Requests from GoRemote
        Secret          mysecret
        Identifier      GoRemote

# GoRemote redirect
<Handler Client-Identifier=tnt,Realm=/..*/>
        AuthByPolicy ContinueAlways
        AuthBy GoRemote
        <AuthBy RADIUS>
                Secret mysecret
                AuthPort 1645
                AcctPort 1646
                RetryTimeout 10

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