Yet Another AD Question

Josh josh2780 at
Thu May 25 17:44:46 CEST 2006

OK. So I think I'm going to go the Samba route.  I've
got Samba running on the same host as freeradius. I've
tested Samba/AD integration by creating a couple
shared folders on the Samba server and using Windows
AD accounts to mount/map them from windows machines -
it works.

Now, I need to get freeradius to send auth requests to
samba.  I guess there are a few ways to do this, one
of which would be LDAP again (now I'm trying to avoid
LDAP).  I'm not concerned with security (clear text
passwords, etc.) between samba and freeradius since
they are on the same box.

Any good pointers to some documentation on
freeradius/samba integration without ldap? What method
should I be using other than ldap?

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