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Session-Octets-Limit should only be in the reply table ( it is not a value
that should be checked - right ? ).


If the freeradius replies the attribute - the freeradius is finished with
his task. Now your RP-PPPoE server and the radiusclient should do the rest
of the work. Traffic limiting is done with PPProtocol on your NAS ( your
pppoe server ). Be sure that the radiusclient also has the attribute in his
dictionary file. Look at the output of the ppp and pppoe ( increase the log
level - or put both in debug mode ). 


It seems that this is not problem of freeradius anymore !







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Hello users

I'm trying to add Session-Octets-Limit to limit the user bandwidth i add
Session-Octets-Limit := 1000 in radcheck and radreply
and i can see it in the radiusd -X and in the radattr file : 


Session-Octets-Limit 825241648

Framed-Protocol PPP


Framed-MTU 1500

Session-Timeout 43200

Idle-Timeout 1200

Port-Limit 1

But it is not disconnecting the user when reach the limit , can someone help
me please?
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