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John Longland jlongland at
Wed Nov 1 14:50:27 CET 2006

Hi all !!

I have been running Freeradius fro a while now ( Ver 1.0.1 ) and so far I
have been
using the "users" file. To be able to use dilaup-admin interface so that
people with
no linux experience can maintain the system, I had to switch to the

I generated teh schema with the db_sql_mysql.sql script that comes with

I have everything running fine. I can authenticate using radtest. I can even
from some of my clients. 

The problem:
Until now, I have had all my clients authenticate using blank usernames and
a Lot of logistics involved in changing the clients in the field.

I realise I cannot create a user via dialup-admin with a blank username. Is
there a way to use
the Calling-Station-ID to authenticate ? Because essentially this is what
happened when
using the users-file.

I tried to play around with the settings:
e.g. by setting username,password non-blank but making AUTH-TYPE = ACCEPT.
and setting the Calling-Station-ID the expected value. But this is not

Can someone help with a pointer ? I went through the archives but couldn't
find someone that
struggled with the same question ?!?!?

Thanks and best !
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