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Thu Nov 2 08:35:01 CET 2006

A week ago i was trying to find out how can i  add some attributes to accounting response from a MySQL backend! Alan DeKoK showed me that the mechanism wasn't very good and that i don't send the right attributes in accounting -response! We've made some work for optimisation but found out that we still need to send  some attributes meaning:
 when sending accounting-stop the response from FreeRADIUS should be
                            [-Command]          // ex. play 'thanks for calling through us' 
 specific(from sql)- [-Session-Timeout](for accounting-start response)! 
 The mechanism is complex and we don't see other solution but adding these attributes only in Accounting-Response! 
 I understand that should be a unique standard for this but the rfc has reserves to send attributes in accountind-response and  we've created  a dictionary for this purpose so it shouldn't be any problems!  The problem is, as i think, that FreeRADIUS  doesn't have a configurable query for accounting-response as it has for authentication-response!
 I tried to find in the source the place to add the stuff i need but it seems that it will take to long to understand the complex strucutre of pointers used by developers!
 Anyway if someone can help thanks! 
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