Freeradius hangs

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Nov 2 16:58:14 CET 2006

"Karthik R" <kartthikr at> wrote:
> Sorry i missed this part. I mean when i try to connect to remote vpn gateway
> using MS-VPN dialer interface, on the dialer interface i get this error
> message ie. "access was denied because username\password
> invalid on the domain".

  Does the RADIUS server return Access-Accept for that session?  You
still haven't said...

  If the RADIUS server returns Access-Accept, then the problem is that
the NAS (or vpn gateway) doesn't like the response.  Go read its
documentation to see why.

> But when i checked the radius log i didnt find
> anything weird as attached before. Sometimes it hangs in btw authentication
> process, so i couldnt caputre the data of it and helpless here.

  Again, *specifics* matter.  "it hangs in btw authentication"...
WHAT hangs? FreeRADIUS?  The client?  The NAS?

  I don't understand why you're so resistant to describing your
problem as anything other than "it hangs.."

  Alan DeKok.
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