Windows-Domain login without local users

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Tue Nov 7 18:33:20 CET 2006

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hey Michael,

King, Michael schrieb:
> I'm Interpreting your question a little....
> Please correct the question if I've got it wrong.
> You want to user's to be able to have network connectivity at the logon
> prompt, so they're username/password is sent to the domain?
> You need to use Machine Authentication. (AKA computer account
> authentication)  This only works with:

machine authentication was the keyword I've searched ... thanks a lot

somebody knows a good howto for this?

thanks mIke

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>> hey freeRADIUS users,
>> PEAP auth. works now with *X and MS-clients, the backend is a 
>> freeradius server on centOS with active directory connection.
>> Now, the user needs a local account to login to the 
>> clientmachine and then he is able to start the PEAP 
>> authentication process.
>> A local login for every user is a big overhead! What is the 
>> normal way to handle this?
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