Multiple LDAP (Not failover) lookup...

Eric Martell workoutexcite at
Tue Nov 7 20:34:28 CET 2006

   I need to do multiple ldap lookups (2).. The
purpose of both the ldaps are different so it does not
abide with configurable_failover scenario in a way.

  This ldap is solely used for authentication for
given user. 

  This ldap is solely used for checking ldap attribute
ex. productCode for given user.

User exists in BOTH The ldaps but in ldap2 we don't
store the password hash. So its just userid with given

Here is what should happen for a given user.

If(authentication in ldap1 success) {
	if(productCode attribute exists in ldap2 success) {
		return Access-Accept.	
	} else {
		return Access-Reject.
} else {
	return Access-Reject.

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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