multiline line values for Cisco-AVPair (in ldap.attrmap)

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 8 00:00:52 CET 2006

"Peter Param" <pparam at> wrote:
> I've got  Cisco-AVPair for an ldap.attrmap entry and it works ...but
> unfortunately only for the first occurence of that attribute from the
> LDAP schema (it will pick the first in the schema).  How do I map and
> return four Cisco-AVPair entries?  Is there a particular multiline
> separator that I should use  ...or do I use the attribute re-entrantly? 
> The device in question is a Cisco VPN3000 concentrator and I'm running
> ver 1.1.1 freeradius.

  You can put the text "+=" at the start of the LDAP data for the
attribute.  FreeRADIUS will treat is as an operator (like the "users"
file), and deal with it accordingly.

  Alan DeKok.
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