limiting sessions

Andrew Long along at
Wed Nov 8 01:27:04 CET 2006

> Andrew Long <along at> wrote:
>> I need to boot users at one property after a specified time period.
>> We have adjusted the "max-daily-session" to "1800" (30 minutes),
>> but users still seem to be staying on. Can someone point me in the
>> right direction. The NAS is a Colubris cn3000.

>   Why use Max-Daily-Session?  What's wrong with Session-Timeout?

>   Alan DeKok.

My understanding from reading the Radius book made it sound like
session-timeout will allow the user to re-connect.

Am I wrong here?

The hotspot is a cafe. We provide them a list of passwords (actually
usernames) which their customers use to authenticate with our radius
server. Right now, they recycle that list. Any way I can impose the
limit so the user can not use the same code to log in again, at least
in that day? If I have to create more codes, that's fine... I don't
care about that, just about getting these sessions terminated so they
don't have customers lounging...

  Andrew Long

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