freeradius mac athentication with Tsunami MP.11 5054-R v2.3.0(169)

Cameron Cowie cdc at
Wed Nov 8 14:18:31 CET 2006


I have configured my freeradius server to run on ubuntu and is stable 
(or so I think). I have ran tests from my workstation to ask for 
authentication and it serves out brilliantly.

But as soon as I ask my tsunami 5054 to authenticate it locks and 
refuses to talk to the radius server.
user files is just mac address.

I am not sure where the problem lies, on the radius server or on the 

again  any and all help is greatly appreciated

entry for clients.conf is simple
client xx.xx.xx.x     {
        secret          = xxxpasswordxxx
        shortname       = xxshortbusxx

(mac address)  Auth-Type :Local, User-Password := "xxxxxxxxx"

as I said simple, but event the most simplest things come with 

is there something I am missing on?

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