Assign IP based on CallingStationID.

John Longland jlongland at
Thu Nov 9 14:44:21 CET 2006

The idea is to do IP-assignment based on the
Calling-Station-ID and disregarding the 
username,password that is passed to radius.


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Hmm i tried this, but it ain't working.. ?!

i have:

id                 - 1
username     - blah
attribute        - Calling-Stattion-Id
op                - ==
value             - [mac adress]

still get username ask ?!
no connection.

dunno, what's the idea behinf this query ?
mac = username ?
no username, auth is done true mac ?



John Longland wrote:
> authorize_check_query = "select id,UserName,Attribute,Value,op FROM
> ${authcheck_table} WHERE UserName in
> (select UserName from ${authcheck_table} WHERE Value = 
> '%{Calling-Station-ID}')
> ORDER BY id"

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