howto get/send the fullname of an user

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Thu Nov 9 18:38:26 CET 2006

Ariel VIVES wrote:
>> You're trying to use radius for something it's not really intended for.
>>  You'd be better off querying that information from a real directory
>> service, like LDAP, or NIS, if you want it quicker and nastier.
> Yes, and my accounts are under NIS.
> But i want to authenticate my users using freeradius.
> and it works...
> so it isn't possible to get additional informations with freeradius by
> using a shell script or with adding specific attribute ?

You can specify any attribute you like in the reply, and provided your 
client (the PHP app?) can access it, do whatever you want with it.

If you have an IANA enterprise number you can do this:

cat >/usr/share/freeradius/dictionary.MyOrg <<EOF

VENDOR	MyOrg	MyOrgNumber

ATTRIBUTE	MyOrgFullName	1	string	MyOrg
ATTRIBUTE	MyOrgHomeDir	2	string	MyOrg


...then in /etc/raddb/users:

joe	User-Password := "joespass"
	MyOrgFullName = "Joe Bloggs",
	MyOrgHomeDir = "/home/joe"

If you don't have an IANA number, you will need to search the 
dictionaries for existing attributes you can use - see for example 

Does this answer your question?

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