howto get/send the fullname of an user

James Wakefield jamesw at
Thu Nov 9 22:33:43 CET 2006

Ariel VIVES wrote:
> Alan DeKok wrote:
>> Ariel VIVES <avives at> wrote:
>>> Yes, and my accounts are under NIS.
>>> But i want to authenticate my users using freeradius.
>>> and it works...
>>> so it isn't possible to get additional informations with freeradius by
>>> using a shell script or with adding specific attribute ?
>>   Does the NIS documentation say you can do that with RADIUS?
>>   No.
> Does the NIS documentation say I can't do that with RADIUS ?
> No.
> Well, with NIS I can get informations like login but also full username
> or home directory.
> My question isn't about NIS but about freeradius.
> So I can't tell the freeradius server to get login but alos full username ?

Short of writing your own module to retrieve the data to send with 
Access-Accept, and adding attributes to the dictionary, no.

RADIUS is a AAA protocol.  Being a directory service is beyond its 
scope.  PHP's NIS/YP functions are pretty easy to use, you'd be better 
off using those.

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