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Graeme Hinchliffe graeme.hinchliffe at zeninternet.co.uk
Fri Nov 10 11:36:06 CET 2006

	I have a problem where I need a lot of threads to catch accounting  
data, a lot of threads means a lot of DB handles.  Alas this means  
more than 256 db handles which is the limit for rlm_sql.  My thoughts  
therefore was to instantiate multiple rlm_sql modules to increase the  
number of db handles availible.

However I am wondering on how to now use this.

This system is purely for accounting.  If I say put in the accounting  


Will the accounting packet be sent to all sql instanses in turn, or  
just the 1st one that succeeds ? and then not any further ?  Will a  
"no free db handles" error from sql1 lead to sql2 being attempted ?

Thanks in advance

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