Accounting : server and port 1813

YvesDM ydmlog at
Sun Nov 12 05:04:32 CET 2006

On 11/12/06, James Wakefield <jamesw at> wrote:
> > - if my wifi router is not able to be configured for accounting my
> network is
> > not able to do accounting because station(s) cannot contact 1813.
> >
> That's correct - at least, you won't be able to do RADIUS accounting
> with your wifi router.  Depending on your network's topology and what
> other equipment you may have you may be able to use another method to
> provide accounting.  Chillispot ( might do
> what you want.  You might even be able to use the iptables byte counters
> on your Linux server and route traffic through it if you have no other
> options.

Just a little addition here.
Chillispot indeed does that, but if you want an all in one solution to
replace your wifi router,
M0n0wall is worth to take a look at.
I use it in hotspot setups with freeradius and it works flawlessly.

Sincerely, Yves
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