Radius account health checks

Heivilin, Jim banzai at missouri.edu
Mon Nov 13 23:50:14 CET 2006

I've got a two pairs of radius servers (running red hat 4 update 4,
freeradius 1.0.1 with oracle 9.2.0) running under a pair of 2424 load
balancers. Every two second the load balancers send an accounting health
check to each of the radius machines which then writes a row to our
oracle tables. Within these health checks the username is 'DEFAULT' and
I have a weekly cron job to remove these records so my table space
doesn't fill up. 

I tried to create an oracle trigger to prevent these rows from being

SQL> create or replace trigger health_check
  2  after insert on radacct
  3  for each row
  4  when (NEW.username = 'DEFAULT')
  5  begin
  6  delete from radacct where username = 'DEFAULT';
  7  end;
  8  .

And it seems to work on our test table but it doesn't work on the
production data. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for this trigger or some other method
to prevent or remove these rows from our tables? 


Jim Heivilin, System Administrator,
Combined Server Group, IAT Services,
University of Missouri at Columbia
mailto:banzai at missouri.edu, (573) 884-3898  

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