rewriting usernames

Christopher Carver ccarver at
Tue Nov 14 04:24:18 CET 2006


How do I rewrite the value of the User-Name attribute based on
Called-Station-Id?  I need to do a series of these logical decisions and
replace the username with username@<> based on what the value of
Called-Station-Id is.

rlm_attr_rewrite seems the obvious choice, but I can't figure out how to use
various instances of that module only when Called-Station-Id has a certain

It seems like a strange thing to need to do, but I've thought about our problem
and this is really the only scalable way.  I can give a lot of background as to
why, but I figured I would ask the question first.  So, does anyone have any

Also, thank you for all the hard work on Freeradius.  Its a great piece of


Chris Carver

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